Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hotel Room Frenzy

Well we are in Ohio and today we enjoyed the Air Force Museum!!!
My dh stayed home...and was out last night... while I was playing a game of "how many people can sleep in 1 queen size bed!!!"
I'm not sure how many people can sleep in a queen size bed...but I'm betting that if we tried to find out with my boys we could fit many more on as each one of them only wants to sleep ON me!

They were so good on the 4 hour drive down here....
We stopped a few times to stretch and restroom breaks... but they were really good.
Then we got here and they saw the P-O-O-L! Wow!!!! We arent going to sleep for 3 days!!!!

They did take a nap.... then went to dinner... then we went in the water....
I killed my back so bad trying to hold three toddlers who cant swim.... in 3 foot of water.... tonight when they wake up from their nap we are going shopping for some floaties!!!!

After the swim, they came up, got showered, and in bed.... 10 minutes was all it took for K to wake up screaming... so I tried to take care of him...but he wasnt having I turned on the monitor and went to my parents room to watch tv.... came back to our room at 12am... K isnt tired... he wont even let me pee by myself... I get ready (with him attached to my leg) and get in bed....
I fell fast asleep... I get woke up by F screaming! I run over to his crib and before I get the 4 steps it takes me to get there...K is now standing in bed in full frenzy!!!!!! I grab F and look at the clock... uh... yea... like 3:45 am!!!!!!!
Of course now E is also awake! Now I have THREE toddlers screaming at the top of their lungs! I would have been waiting for the phone to ring had I not had to unplug it too keep the little ones from calling around the world! I was trying to do my best to get everyone to settle down.... It really wasnt working...but I kept moving kids around to find the spot they would actually sleep.... YEA RIGHT!!!
About 2 hours later... yep...around 6 am... I was finally able to move F back to his crib, E back to his bed, and get K to stop crying.... during those two hours, I was screamed at, kicked at, and the boys fought over who could sleep next to me... mental note... 3 kids...2 sides... doesnt really work!!!!

My phone began ringing at 7:30.... it was my mom...they had woken up early and wanted to go get breakfast.... uh... sure... oh...and the crying started all over again!!!!

But.....we did have a great time at the museum!!!!! We saw soo many planes...and many of the planes that my dad used to work on as an Air force Mechanic! The boys were very good in the museum and they were good at lunch! The best part is... I'm typing right now cuz they are fast asleep!!!!!!!

We are going to dinner...and then having dessert at McD's playland.... Like I have said before... nothing induces good sleep like playing at McD's for an hour or two!!!!!!!

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