Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saying Goodbye

Friday was the first night I had been out without the boys and without dh in a very long time.
I got to go to a bar, have a few beers, and hang out with some friends... It should have been a lot of fun...but it wasnt. I should have had a good time....but I really didnt... I should have been happy to just be away...but I really wasnt.

It was my friends going away party.

The job market in MI sucks so bad that jobs just arent available. you can work at Target or Meijers part time...but no full time jobs... So, My friend had to take a job in Iowa.

Dont get me wrong... I am beyond happy for her! She deserves a good job. She will do great at this job!

Selfishly though... I'm hating the fact that she is moving away.

I dont have many friends... in fact I can count them on my hands... so...losing a friend is very difficult for me.

It is also going to be difficult for my she is their Auntie. She has spent a lot of time with them...she even went to Guatemala with us to visit K for Christmas 2 years ago.

She decorated our house when E came home.

She was there for their baby shower, their birthday parties, and to just hang out with us at the house.
Now... I know Iowa isnt on the other side of the world...but right now it might as well be.

Phone calls are is great.... but it doesnt make up for one on one... it doesnt make up for just dropping in... it doesnt make up for shopping trips.
I would have thought that by the time I was at this point in my life that I would handle these things better... unfortunately that isnt true. I am actually crying right now. It takes a bit for me to do that. I can only hope that we are able to maintain our friendship over the phone and over the Internet....and that we will be able to meet up in person sometimes.
I hope that my very good friend finds HUGE success in her new job!
I hope that her new house is the perfect house!
I hope she finds the man of her dreams!

Most of all.... I hope she doesnt forget us....

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