Thursday, October 25, 2007

Getting there...slowly

Well we had a better day yesterday. The boys actually slept! Well ok...E had to come into my room about 2 am...but still...they took a nice long nap...and then wanted to go to bed.

Our secret weapon to MAKE them want to go to bed???


Yes...we went to family actitivity night...although they boys were pretty dissappointed... See they have hot wheel toys right now...and they were completely OUT of toys...
What??? OUT OF TOYS??? oh the tears that were shead last night!!!

The only thing that brought them back to happiness was ice cream. Yes... I hate to see my boys cry! So, we treated them (an us, of course) to some ice cream!

Well I am anxiously awaiting new pics of Lady L...and to see how much she has grown over the last month. Oh...and I wonder if she has some earings now??? I hope soo!!!!

We are still debating over a visit trip...but looks like if we do it, it would be in the beginning of Dec. Just wish I knew the right thing to do here....
Anyone have a crystal ball for me????

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Candy said...

Girl you are CRAZY...but thats why we love you...I love it 4 toddlers at once...BRAVE BRAVE BRAVE....Hugs