Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday blah blah

At least I am almost caught up on laundry! If that is ever really possible!

We kept pretty busy today for not doing a whole lot!
Our grand kids spent the night last night... they actually went to sleep when we told them too! Wow! First time that has happened!
Everyone was up by time I rolled out of bed at 8:30.... so, I made like 20 packs of oatmeal for everyone... they ate it up and I ended up having to make more. The grand kids went home right before lunch... I did 3 loads of laundry, fed the kids lunch, put on Alvin and the chipmunks, and I got my stuff done, dh changed out our microwave in the kitchen, and finally it was naptime! (for everyone!!!)
Yea... our microwave died right before we left on vacay... it has sucked to not have a microwave! I didnt realize that I used it so much...but it is so much more convenient to have it to heat up leftovers and such! Even to make noodle soup for the kids! Thankfully, dh had one in his old now we have it!

I still need to tackle the mess that is my bedroom.... guess that is what Sundays are for! As long as the boys like Alvin, Bee Movie, and Shrek, I'm all set on getting house work done!!!

We had our friends over for dinner tonight! That was really nice... just relaxing and fun. Always nice to talk to someone besides dh! The boys liked having their friend over also and they were more than happy to share their Alvin and Bee movie with him! It's nice that they are all around the same age and have the same interests!! It also helps that both the kids and the adults get along.
Well the kids have had an hour of sleep so far.... I'm just about ready to fall out myself!
Better get my sleep while I still can! I may be sleep deprived with a new baby hopefully within a month or so!!!!!

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