Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thinking Pink, Thinking Pink, Thinking Pink


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Apr 21, 2008
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Apr 22, 2008 3:31 PM
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Priority Envelope
I am now an official PINK stalker!!!!
Please...no I-72's for us this time!!!!! Pretty Please!!!!!
My mom is taking me out for some retail therapy to get my mind off of checking my email... uh... yea...cuz that's possible...
I've been checking hotels, checking flights, guessing dates.....
It's soo exciting!!!!!
Our last 2 adoptions we didnt know we were this close to picking up... so it's weird that I am able to wait for pink this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Had a great day otherwise also... just a tad pre-occupied with waiting for pink!!!!!
Thinking Pink! Thinking Pink! Thinking Pink! Thinking Pink! Thinking Pink!


Ferrick said...

Oh you are so PINK! Cant wait to read your news tomorrow! I will see you on Guat! Susie

Kerri said...

So excited for you! Fingers and toes are crossed for a speedy pink - like today!
Kerri and Ruby

Laurie said...

YEAH! Come on PINK! Bella and I are doing out pink dance for you!

nora said...

Go go go Pink! Too bad the Packers don't make a pink jersey!

I'm routing for you guys!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

I am thinking Pink for you! I will be sure that Mia is wearing pink for you guys until you get the news! Keep us posted