Sunday, March 30, 2008

1st day of Vacay!

I’m just NOT a huge fan.
I like being outside…I like enjoying summer…but I really wish it were like 65 out. NOT 80ish!

We had a super-duper long day yesterday!
We boarded a plane for Ft. Lauderdale at 9ish…. After getting to the airport early so that we could get all of us through security. Lucky for us, security wasn’t too bad and we had 3 hours to kill at the airport. Took a few long walks and it was finally time to board.

The boys just didn’t want to sit. I don’t blame them…but all the other times on the plane they have slept. Not this time! Ernie went to the potty at least 20 times in 3 hours. Kinney also went at least 10 times. They ate 3 boxes of Cracker Jacks, ate chips and Cheetos, and drank 2 cups of orange juice, 2 bottles of water, and most of my Pepsi. All of the eating and drinking took place between bathroom trips of course!!!

I really wanted them to sleep…and they finally did… 20 min before we landed.
Getting off of the plane we had 3 pissed off toddlers!!!!
Got our luggage, caught a cab, and headed to our hotel.

Our cab driver had on a French-Speaking channel… wow… my French is sooo bad. I really wanted to talk to him…but everything I “thought” about saying, I thought in Spanish… or a weird mix of Spanch…. That’s right… Spanch… that is MY new language!!!!! When I’m in Guatemala and need to come up with a word, I come up with the French word…. Here I have the first chance in years to speak French…and I can only come up with Spanish…. Go figure!!!!!

Had a fitfull night…. Too warm…too tired…. Woke up to have breakfast in the hotel…then caught a cab to Miami.
The whole 5 minutes I saw of Miami really makes me want to visit here! Wow! Looked like such a vibrant downtown!!!
The boat dock was soo cool!!!! There were 4 ships docked here…and we found ours right away.
Check in was so smooth. Less than an hour total. Got on the boat and ran for the food!!!!! The ship we are on is exactly the same layout as the previous 2 we have been on….so we know our way around quite well! Seems like they also have the same damm food though. Don’t get me wrong… I really like the selection and the opportunity to try new food. I love the food in the formal dining room…but the buffets sometimes leave something to be desired. The food was so unappetizing to me that I actually had a cheeseburger. And some Ice Cream. A lot of ice cream.

The boys did well during the fire drill…but they got kinda freaked out when the boat actually started moving. Once they realized it wasn’t so bad, they were ok. They did fabulous during our dinner tonight! The food was great! We then went to the Camp Carnival registration. Signed the boys up for CC and then we went to the kids dance.
E is a little dancing machine!!!! F and K had fun too….but E sure got the comments.
We then went upstairs to check out Camp Carnival and it was quite obvious that the boys loved it! Toys, toys, and more toys!!! What toddler wouldn’t like that????
They got to play for a while….and then they had their showers and they crashed in bed.

Tomorrow is a day at sea!
Camp Carnival for the boys…. Open day to do not much of anything for the parents….
Sounds like a plan to me!

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