Sunday, March 16, 2008

Phew.... Home......

What a busy weekend!
Spent the weekend at our local South Eastern Michigan Bowhunters SCI fundraising weekend.
Very few times in my life do I ever seem like I am talked out.... after a weekend like this... I am totally talked out.

Friday night was the outfitter meet and greet. Had pizza, salad, some pasta, and some awesome sugar cookies.
It could be better though... see the outfitters are supposed to be able to get up and talk about the hunts they have up for auction on Sat night... well no one would shut the *&%$ up! Even when I got up to do my speel... the a$$wipes at my table wouldnt even shut their traps! UUUGGGG... just stop talking for like 10 min!!!!! I cant believe (well yea I can...but I dont want to) that a room full of adults cannot shut their mouths long enough to hear 10 people talk at a microphone. The Friday night dinner is quickly becoming a complete waste of time. Most arent there to talk to the outfitters anyways... nor obvisouly are they there to listen to them.
We did get to go to the hotel and get in the hot tub though... for 10 min... till they kicked us out for it being 11pm. *scream*
Yea... two adults, not making noise or causing trouble...cant stay in the water past 11pm... but damm...the 10 min was good! Went up stairs to our room, showered the chorline off, and fell asleep. WIth the patio door open!!!! Yes... spring may be here!!!!!!

Had to start setting up at 8 am on Sat... got a whole extra hour since the past 3 years we have had to be there at 7am!
It took us 10 min to set up...and an hour to bs about it. Gosh...just like at work.
Dh did manage to take us though to a mom2mom sale afterwards!!!!!!!!
Scored some cute clothes for our little lady and 2 pairs of shoes! The boys got a guitar.
I really needed to find some shorts and dress shirts for the boys...but most of the clothes there were girls clothes... so , I'm off to Once Upon a Child this week to find some clothes for the boys.

Had a great rib lunch on Sat!!!! then got back to the hotel in time for a nap...then had to head to the show at 3:30.
We were steadily busy until 1/2 through the auction...then no one else came after that till the end of the auction when the guys who bought our hunt came over to talk to us. I'm so glad I took my crochet stuff.... I hate sitting there doing nothing... so it was nice to get some of that done while I was bored. It may have looked funny...but oh well... I'm a women of very diverse intrests!!!! I enjoy shooting sports, hunting, fishing, sewing, crocheting, and scrapbooking.... hmmmm..... yep.... very diverse!
It was a long night on Sat night though.... didnt get out of there till past midnight... got a small tub of hagen-dazz... watched the shield...and tried to sleep.... tried being the optimum word. The bed at the hotel was just tooo darn soft. Couldnt get comforable. Tonight though... my own bed. Nothing like one's own bed!

The boys stayed with their sister for the weekend.... they tell me they had fun.
They all met us at church and the boys went willingly to day care.
Got home, the boys went to bed, and I went to our Union meeting.

2 1/2 hours later I finally got home to unwind a little.
Now... I'm off to unwind a lot!

My mom and dad are coming here from their Florida trip tomorrow.... E has his 3 year check up tomorrow morning bright and early! Cant belive my baby is gonna be 3!!!!!!!!!

Our little lady is 8 months old tomorrow. Praying for some updated pics.... and a NEW BC!

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