Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I have been sick as a flipping dog.

My throat hurts so bad....every time I have to swallow, I sit there, think about it, try to put it off, then end up doing it.... I shake violently and silently scream when I have to swallow. My neck is swollen, my ears hurt, and my throat is miserable. I have no voice, no energy, and can barely get my pills down (Thank God for Advil!!!) I have been absolutely miserable since Sunday night. Thankfully, no one else is sick... and I am trying my level headed best to make sure it stays that way. The kids sure dont need this.
Dh is supposed to call the doctor for me in the morning.... we will see if I can get in... I think I either have strep or tonsillitis... yes... me... I am an adult with my tonsils... what a great choice that was!!!! Actually, minus my acl in my right knee... I'm not missing anything yet. Well...adnoids....but...uh... I dont even know where those for me, they dont count. Sure wish I didnt have my tonsils though.... that is why I have such horrible sore throats...problem is,I am petrified to have them taken out now. I have only heard horror stories about adults having them out.... heck... I've heard horror stories of kids having them out...not to mention the random adult that bleeds to death at home.... The only way I would let them do it is if they gave me some really good pain meds...cuz I wouldnt put myself through my past 3 days on purpose! When I cry cuz I dont want to swallow....uh... problem.

My sickness has consumed my life....but I did find out that Bret is retiring. *cries*
Barak only won one state *cries*
and we STILL dont have a birth certificate for our little Lady *cries* that should be enough negativity to go around for a day or so.
Cant wait to see the doctor!

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