Saturday, March 1, 2008

It's March

Whew... can NOT believe it is March 1st already!
Time sure flies when you barely have time to even pee by yourself!

I wonder what March is going to be like???
I know we have Easter to contend with in the middle of the month... I know that I am going to have a childless weekend doing an SCI show!!!! *dances* E will be the b-i-g 3 at the end of the month!!!!
Will we have spring early??? Will we have more snow??? Will we finally get our damm bc???
Things are so up in the dh and I have decided to plan a small cruise get-away before our little Lady comes home. I've been scouring the internet looking for the perfect itenerary and ship and I belive I have found it... I just need to call tomorrow and make sure they have the cabins available that we want. Yes...I said cabins... 2 adults and 3 toddlers does NOT equal one cabin the size of my closet! I can hardly even stand just dh and I in a yea.... ajoining rooms are a MUST and we are actually going for a room with a window!!!! OOOHHHHH!!! A window!!!! Fancy!!!! Yes... we have been cheap on our previous cruises...but who the heck needs a window... we never spent any time in the cabin unless we were sleeping so.... a window wouldnt have helped us know it was nighttime... staying in the bar till 3am told us it was time to sleep!
Of course we are going on a boat that has activities for the young ones....dh and I are just debating on whether or not to make this a diving trip. Every ounce of my being wants to dive every single day of this cruise... but the responsible adult in this situation tells me that we are already going to be travelling with 3 toddlers and THEIR gear... adding two more suitcases of dive gear to that...uh.... just how many hands and such do I have??? Also... what will we do with the dive gear in the cabin??? I know that dh would FLIP out if the kids got to playing with our dive computers and such (ok...I probalby would too) so...why have things that are so off limits to them. Plus... I think it would be fun to just take them to the beaches and hang out and play. Dh and I can take our snokling stuff and one of us can do that while the other is with the boys... I mean in the carribean, many things are at resonable depths any I know we could see fish and such.... Yea.. I know... it is sooo NOT diving...but, it just takes a lot of planning and such to dive on a cruise like this...and I'm not sure I want to deal with it.... I want to relax... (as much as I can on a ship with my three toddlers!!!)
So...we will see...but my vote is to not do it! I think we can have a fun and relaxing time though... cuz I know when the baby comes home, things are gonna be different... its been a while since we have had a non-walker in the house.... although...I guess it is possible that she could come home already walking.... Another difficult point may be if she is not eating food yet... like people food...not baby food. That is one part I dont miss at all... what a pita dealing with baby food. I was so happy that even at 6 months old, E knew how to chew...and he didnt want baby food much past 9 months old. Not only is that stuff just gross.... it is just so inconvient. I love being able to put food in front of the munchkins and let them have at it! I sure dont like having to spoon feed with the threat of getting it back in the face! It's also expensive... I did try to make some of my own...but it seemed to be even more disgusting that what I bought in the store! I didnt want E to think all of my cooking was like I just didnt do it after that.
Well.... I promised myself to do at least an hour of scrapbooking tonight... I have began to get away from it again! Just when I was doing sooo well! rotten would it be to contract my scrapbooking out??? *evil grin*

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