Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well.... after a relaxing yet productive Easter weekend, I took the day to partake in some retail therapy.

Started off at a 2nd hand clothing store for kids. Had to buy some summer clothes for the boys...specially since we will need them on our cruise!
Oh my... I got sooo many cute clothes and such a cheap price!!! My boys are going to be the best dressed on that boat!!!! I am just so lucky that my guys look stunning in any color!

From there, it was off to Toys R Us to buy some bday gifts for E!
Found what I wanted!!!! and a few things I didnt know I wanted!!!!
Overall though... I'm pretty confident that E is gonna love his things!

Needed a new pair of shoes for me to go with the new dress I bought last week!!!!
Found my new shoes in less than 10 min!!! It was fab! I HATE shopping as it is.... it is even better when I find what I need in a timely manner! My new shoes are awesome!!! (If I do say so myself!!) and they seem pretty comfortable...which is a double bonus!

Rounded out the day by buying some random (yet needed) things!
Tomorrow, I'm all set to start packing!!!!
I'm excited...yet... I hate packing... I hate the nervousness.... I hate the last minute scrounging around for crap that you really dont need anyways but refuse to leave the house without....

I so need to head to the library before Sat!!!! Oh me and my i-pod and some books are going to have some good ole bonding time!!!!!!!!!
Oh...dont worry.... my puter will be there too...but hopefully I'm too busy to really deal with it... although while waiting on other things to happen in life....I may need to check in on the real world at least once a day.

Which brings me to my depressing update....
No news on Mixco bc.....
No new pics or updates on our little lady.....

Tomorrow is another day however.... and hoping I dont have a depressing update tomorrow!!!!


Kerri said...

Fingers are crossed for happy bc news soon. :-)
Kerri and Ruby

Ferrick said...

Denise, I know you from the forums. You just posted congratulations on my Mixco BC, I noticed your blog sight and wanted to check it out. What 3 beautiful boys you have. Absolutely precious. Believing your girl home! Have a great trip.