Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!!!!!!

E's 1st Picture!

E's 1st Birthday!

E's 2nd Birthday!

E's 3rd Birthday!!!

3 years ago today a little baby boy was born in Guatemala City.

His mom gave birth to him and then signed papers to relinquish him.

A few days later, we would get his pictures in our email and he would be forever etched in our hearts.

We met him when he was 3 months old. Not even 6 lbs yet...but he could hold his head up, he could hold his bottle, and he was starting to eat baby food. He had the cutest little hicuupy cry. He peed on me every damm time I changed his diaper...even when I "covered" him up. He fell asleep on my chest while I walked him around. In those 7 days I went from a plain ole woman to a mother.

Leaving him with his foster mom was the most hurtful and frightening thing I have ever had to do. The 3 1/2 months that it took to finish our adoption would be pure torture for me. But, once I held him again, it didnt matter. All that mattered was that E was my son.... and I was completely smitten with him.

He came home very much a baby. He cruised the furniture, he ate baby mush food, he took 10 bottles a day, he gaga, gogoed.

Today... he runs, he jumps, he somersaults. He has an astounding vocabulary that grows by the minute. He eats everything that he can get his hands on. Food item or not. He loves his Cookie Monster and Diego. He dances to the Backyardigans. He has the funniest cheesy grin. All the girls swoon over his looks.

I am still absolutely smitten with him.

I love every single minute of being his mother.

I thank God everyday for allowing me the privilege of watching this amazing little boy grow into a man.

I cry for the loss that he has had.... and for the loss he has yet to realize.

I cry for his mother... she gave him life... and then she left.

I hope that she will see him again very soon.

To see her amazing little boy who has brought so much joy, happiness, and love to our lives.

Happy Birthday 3rd Birthday E!!!

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