Friday, March 7, 2008

Still Here...

I didnt fall off the face of the earth. I'm still here. I'm still in my cocoon ( bedroom)

I officially was diagnosed with Strep throat yesterday.
Funny...but the diagnosis didnt make me feel any better.

Now I am on huge horse pills.... that I can barely swallow anyways.... a regular cycle of motrin... and I have been able to eat a little bit. I'm so glad I've been able to eat...cuz damm... I've been so hungry. However, I still have no energy to do anything.... I spend a lot of time sleeping an hour here, an hour there....I dont dare go near the kids....I sure dont want them to get this.

Combined with my sickness is my sickness of waiting for L's bc.
I really thought we were due this week.... it was our 30th official business day.... well pooh on that....
Next week... we will be waiting for our bc longer than we were in pgn. Who would have ever though I could say that??? Seriously???
Maybe it is a combo of me not feeling good with the never ending wait....but damm... it just has been wearing thin on me.
Hopefully I will be able to leave the house this weekend. We so need to go shopping and such...and I know that dh needs a break from the kids....I just need a boost of energy.
Hmmmmm... Red Bull gives you wings!!!!!!
Yea.... that's what the world needs.... me, sick with strep, pissed over waiting on a bc, with Way too much caffeine in my system! Oh yea.... that's not asking for something bad to happen!
2 words come to mind: Verbal Diarrhea.

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