Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh what fun!

It's the middle of March.... the snow is melting away.... the sun was out... the puddles were gathered in the yard...

The perfect afternoon to play in the MUD!!!!!!

It was sooo nice when the boys got up this morning...I just had to let them out to play! So... on went the snow boots, the sweatshirts, and off we went!
Went on a couple of wagon rides... then we kicked the soccer ball around a little, played a little football, hid the bouncy ball down the flag pole pipe (making mental note to tell DH bout that!), and then found the puddles and the mud!

They actually played well in the front yard today. I hope they will be able to play out there this summer. Last year, they would NOT stay on the grass...and they would go their separate ways and then run into the street. We live in a subdivision...but still, cars come whipping down the street and I know they are not looking for little kids in the road. Today though, they did just fine... even when baby K made a run for it, I told him to come back and he did. So... I'm happy for that.

I can sure tell that they boys are itching to get outside!!! I'm glad! It's so much nicer to let them run around outside than to have them couped up in the house. We have a very nice swing set and quite a bit of toys outside...just gotta get the sandbox filled up and such! Then, we are gonna get the pool open! Yea... ok...blowup pool...but we can get all of the kids in one of them!!!

This weekend is going to prove to be busy... SCI show all weekend. However, we get a beautiful hotel room and the hotel has a swimming pool and a hot-tub... cant wait!

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