Monday, March 17, 2008

No Green Beer Today

Title should say it all.
No green beer for me today.
No green pizza, no corned beef and cabbage, no singing Danny Boy or other limericks...
On the other hand... no hangover for me tomorrow, no leftovers of corned beef and cabbage, and my ears are not ringing.

Such is the life of a mom.

E had his 3 year check up at the dr's today!!!!!!
He is healthy and doing very well! He is actually in the 50% for weight!!!! He started out below 1% (at 6 months) so YEA!!!!!!!! He is however, 2 lbs lighter than his little bro, K!
He really likes his Dr. (as do we!) and he even listened to her heart today! She also filled out his paperwork so he can go to school!!!! I think I know where E and K are going to go...just gotta get them in. Never really gave it much thought of having to try to get kids into preschool....much less public preschool.... so... it will be new territory for me. Of course...when it comes to kids... what isnt new territory??? Well...cept for diapers.... I'm all set there!

I guess E hasnt learned his lesson from having stitches.... today...while they were supposed to be napping, He decided to climb his dresser.... his brothers decided to grab his feet.... yep... hit his head again!!!
This time, no blood...but he had HUGE goose egg on his forehead.... I know it hurt this time too as he was screaming! Went and got him, tucked his two bro's back in their beds, and I laid down with E in my bed.... thought I would just be there till he fell asleep... yea... that worked well!
My mom and dad showed up expecting dinner...and E and I were still sound asleep!
Oh yea! My mom and dad are back from Florida!!!! Sooo happy!!!!! We are going to their house for Easter!!! I'm hoping to get E and K's blankets done!!!!!!!!!

Well... we have some major shopping to do tomorrow!!!!! Need some dress shoes to match the cutest little suits in the world!

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