Sunday, March 9, 2008

First Stiches!

I dont have pics yet... but I sure will in the morning!

But... my oldest son got his first stitches today!
He isnt even 3 yet!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! This is the 3rd time he has been taken to the er for fallin on his head! Cept this time, he laid his left eyebrow w-i-d-e open.

I dont know what happened.... they were "taking a nap". I heard them playing for a while, heard E fuss a little, then I heard quiet. I fell asleep for bout and hour and a half, and I heard K crying "momma, MOMMA" so, I ran upstairs to see what was going on. Soon as I opened the door, K screams at me "BLOOD, BLOOD Momma". Yes...there IS blood all over the room... He tends to get nosebleeds but he isnt bloody, then I see E. He has blood all over his face and chest. I tell everyone to go downstairs and I will clean him up. I get a warm washcloth and start wiping and realize that his eyebrow is wide open still. It wasnt gushing or anything...but you could tell it was a wide split... plus a lot of swelling.
I know the face bleeds a the blood itself didnt freak me out... so I waited till dh came home....showed him...and we both agreed that he probably needed stitches. So... off to the ER went E and his daddy!

Dh said he did really good.... hardly fussed at all... and even when I talked to him on the phone he kept telling me he was ok and he was hungry. He even got a Popsicle!!! and of course.... since it was so traumatizing for everyone, we treated everyone to McD's afterward for dinner. Now THAT was traumatizing to ME!!!! So, I'm about to sooth myself with some Chocolate Ice Cream!

I am so hoping to get some sleep tonight!
Wasnt able to accomplish more than 2 hours of sleep last night due to my throat...but I'm hoping for at least 4 hours tonight! I sure need it!

Holding out Happy Mixco BC thoughts for this week!!!!

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wen said...

I hope that everything will be OK...I feel sorry for him...But I know that your LOVE and SUPPORT is the best for him !!!
Love Ya !!!