Friday, February 29, 2008

A very fun Leap Day!!!!

F sitting on a Zebra at our playdate!

K had a ladybug painted on his face at the outdoor show!

E begged for a frog to be painted on his face!

We had a very exciting, fun, and busy day today!
Woke up this morning to a ton of snow... and it was snowing really hard.
Had breakfast...and dh still decided to go ahead and go to our play date!
We met some friends off of! I have been talking with some of these ladies for almost 3 years now and it is so nice to finally put a face to a name! We met at a play area around 45 min from our house. There is a play area like this much closer so we new we would have a great time. The boys just love going to these inside gyms! They just have the best time! Today was no exception! The boys were more than happy to play...and I (and dh) were more than happy to meet new people and to talk. It is nice to talk to different people even though I may know their stories from's just so much better to be able to have a conversation face to face. I really hope that as the boys get older, they will appreciate these play dates even more. Hopefully if they are having a problem they will talk to us...but I understand that sometimes parents arent always the best ones to talk hopefully they will have people around them to talk to...especially if it is adoption related...I hope they will feel comfortable talking to their peers. After all...who knows better what they are going through...than someone also going through it.
Dh and I hadnt had enough even after spending a good deal of time at the play we decided to go to the annual Outdoor show.
It has sadly gone way down hill.
In years past, the entire show would be all hunting and fishing outfitters. Then it became, hunting, fishing, and boating. Then...hunting, fishing, boating, cars.... Now... it is like a flipping flea market with outfitters thrown in for fun.
Michigan is one of the largest states for hunting...yet one of our biggest and best (their words not mine) hunting shows is a few outfitters, a ton of jerkey and meat people, a ton of tee-shirt vendors, and now, a lake front living and cottage show. *puke*
Those things all have their own place...If I'm going to a hunting show... I want to see hunting outfitters. We only knew ONE flipping outfitter...and they didnt think they would do this show next year.... It just happened to be the one who has my dream hunt.
I have wanted to go on this hunt for 6 years now!!!!!!!!!!
Spring Brown Bear perferably! OH......seriously.... THIS is what my dreams are made of!
Maybe some day! *sigh*

Oh how I dont look forward to weekends anymore!!!!
No news from the great "I just cant answer email" attorney.
I'm just seriously disappointed in our communication.... I dont think it is too much to ask that once a week, I email you, and you simply answer me.
Just get us our bc, passport, orange, and pink slip....then we will be all done! Heck...we dont even need ya at our visa appointment! We have done two of them without help anyways... we know very well what we are doing!
Just gonna spend the weekend hoping, praying, and praying and hoping some more!

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