Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day of Scrap

I went to my first offical Day of Scrap today!!!! 12 hours of nothing but scrapbooking! oh...and a little bit of gossiping! It was interesting...but I had a good time... and I would definatly do it again! It started at 9am this morning...and ended at 9pm this evening. I did NOT get done all that I thought I would...but I still got a lot done! I guess I never realized just how long it takes to get all the pages together. Now, I have a pretty good idea and next time I will know what to take and what not to take with me! It was pretty cool since breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and snacks were all included! So, I didnt have to cook today nor clean up after anyone but myself! Only downfall... those lunch tables were NOT meant for an adult to sit at for 12 hours! *grin* I have one hurting back right now...and two tired eyes from the floresent lighting... but I also have a renewed sense of just how much work I have left to do to catch up!

Just to brag a tad...

I got accepted into my GOAL Law School!!!!!! *dances*
Now...I have to decide really on where to go! I did NOT think I would submit 3 applications and get 3 acceptances! It is going to be a difficult decision...and I do NOT have much time in which to decide...but... I'm just thrilled to see the acceptance letters!!!!

Going to have to spend some good reading time trying to find out the info I need to make a good decision! Problem is, it might cut into my online forum time.... cant be having that!!!! Especially while we are waiting for a birth certificate! Oh well... guess life is full of sacrifices sometimes!

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