Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Peanut!!!

Happy Birthday to Our little Peanut!!!!!!!!!!!

We didnt get to spend your 1st birthday with you...but you have now been with us for the past 8 months and you have brought so much joy and happiness to our family!

Yes... our Youngest son is now 2!!!!!

We got to have breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa at Denny's!!!
They are on their way to Florida for a while...and it was so nice of them to stop by and spend the day with us!!!!

We then got to go sale shopping at K-mart! Yea for the end of season sales!!!

It is so difficult to find clothes for the little man. He needs like a 18 month shirt...but bought him 18 month pants and uh..they fall right off!
I did buy him bigger shirts so he could grow into them...but unfortunatly he needs 9 month pants in the waist...but 18 month pants in the legs. Even the darn adjustable waist pants I bought him wouldnt quite adjust in enough. I would love if he could put some weight on...but he eats like a little bird!!! He loves french fries....but he may eat a whole order one day...and only one fry the next day. This kid has even refused Ice-Cream!!!! Today he ate 2 hotdogs at lunch... then he barely even ate his birthday cake!

We did have a fabulous dinner!!! We at at El Comal in Mexicantown! It is owned by Guatemalans and naturally they have Guatemalan food as well as other favorites from Central and South America. My dad had a Mexican Platter, my mom had a Guatemalan platter, and I had pupusas from El Salvador. Everything was sooo Yummy! If we lived any closer.... I would be a regular there. Sooo good.

I also made a cake! Our little guy just L-O-V-E-S cookie montster! I just happen to have several cake pans of sesame street he got a cookie monster cake!!! It turned out very well! Nothing better than a super moist devil food cake! (if I do say so myself)

Peanut only opened two gifts at the restaurant. By the time we got to was getting late.... none of our boys had naps...and they wanted to get down and run! We were so happy that some of our friends could join us for dinner..but we had 8 little kids that were dying to run amuck in the restaurant! Unfortunatly we did have to cut things short! We had been there for well over 3 hours anyways... so its not as if the kids didnt have their fill of sitting!

The best revelation of the day had to be the dawning moment when dh said to me:
"Do you realize that we now have 3, two year olds????"
Uh....yep! I realize it all the time!!!!!!
We truly have a blessed life!!!!!
Momma B... I hope you sleep well tonight knowing that your boys are absolutly loved and they are thriving.
Two years ago you held a brand new infant in your arms and faced the heart breaking decision of relinquishment. I hope that soon you can hold your two year old in your arms and feel some comfort with your decision. My words cannot properly express what I feel towards you. Thanks doesnt seem right for you having to lose a son so that we could gain one. The boys also lost their families in this... while we gained ours. I am truly humbled by having the opportunity to parent these wonderful boys.

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