Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy February!

Where has the year gone?? Already into the 2nd month of 2008! Time sure flies when you are tooo busy to keep tract of days! oh yea...and when you are having fun!

We have once again added to our household.... not permanantly....but at least for the next couple of months..... Our friend Neil (from South Africa) comes to the US to market for a couple of months in the beginning of the year.... and he has stayed with us the past couple of years. Our friend Paul is also here...but he will be headed back in the next week or so since he has been here for a month already. It is always nice to catch up though...and hopefully one of these days we can head back to their place. Of course, the kids need to be a tad the plane trip is better and so that they actulally grasp what they are seeing.... for now, they will have so suffice to see animals in the zoo... but hopefully soon they will be able to see the animals in their natural habitat. I just dread the flight...20 some hours... especially with my back...that just spells disaster. However, once we get there and get out of the city, it is all back road, and no road driving...and that also spells disaster... so....gonna have to work on my back (as if I havnt anyways!)

One thing that I'm very aware of is that I'm blessed that I have been able to travel and that I enjoy to do so. If money were not an option, I doubt that I would spend much time at home! There are soo many places to see and expierence! I hope our kids like to travel as much as we do! I would love to show them the world! I dont know where our next journey will take us... but I hope it is some place different. I would love to go to South America...but cant decide on just ONE place!!!! I also have soo much to see and do in Africa... beginning with the pyriameds in the north to the wine region of Cape Town all the way in the south. I would like to see the Great Wall and where my dad was stationed in Japan. I cant wait to reach Alaska and my dream is to see polar bear! Of course, what kind of diver would I be without wanting to see the Great Barrier Reef... but I have also heard great things about diving the Maldives, Thailand, and many other places. I know that we need to make family vacays to Guatemala...but we cant forget about our Compadres in Mexcio! Ahhh....the dreams I have.... I need to win the lottery!!!! Although, if ya think about it... what better way to learn than to travel. You learn all of your subjects without even trying. You can learn history, math (with the money), science (with the weather and wildlife), music, reading, and languages....

I'm sure there is also many other things to learn by travelling...including patience! I will once again expierence this as we have decided to take our boys with us to Guatemala when we are able to reunite with our little Lady. If you happen to see people run off the plane screaming... that will be our plane! 2 adults, 3 toddler boys, and a little lady!

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