Friday, February 15, 2008

Ahhh... R-E-L-I-E-F

How Do I Spell Relief????

We are so relieved!!!!
Our file date was September 16th! Our issue date was February 12th!!!
Geez.... glad we filed so early!!!! *sarcasm*
I cannot belive it took so damm long for a single piece of paper. Of course, I had to be fingerprinted twice...cuz once just isnt enough.
Although it is now in our hands.... it is NOT in the hands of the Guatemalan Government! *screams*
The NVC (National Visa Center) said that it can take the Detroit office 2-4 weeks to send the hard copy to the nvc from the Detroit office...and then THEY forward it on to Guatemala. Uh... well... now I have to wait another month????
Called some "help" and they are trying to have Detroit send out the paper asap!
Sure hope they will do it!!!! Although I will NOT hold my breath! Too much expierence with this office! *puke*
Now... Bring on that Mixco Birth Certificate!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm ready to go get our Little Lady!!!!!!!!
OH....and... Our taxes are DONE!!!!!!
It has been a truly productive week! Let's hope the weekend holds out for us!

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