Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Dh (d does NOT stand for darling these days...) and I went to a law school open house tonight.
I'm just not sure.
Now... I really want to go to the other school and see how I feel about that one.
When I was looking for an undergrad school...I fell hook, line, and sinker for the " You are sooo perfect for THIS school", "You will just LOVE this school", "The best choose this school". On and on. I loved the fact that they called me to see how I was... that I was given a private audition and my trip was paid for... that they sent me personal letters just to say hi.... that a student called me to answer my questions and such...
That school was such a horrible fit for me! Looking back... how the heck could I have bought into that???
Well.... got that feeling tonight...again...
The staff just loves the students...the students just love the staff... everyone is just one big, happy, successful family. *puke*
It's not that I dont belive them.... maybe I do...maybe that is why I feel so uncomfortable.
They currently have 720 students.... their prof to student ratio is only like 1:12...which is really, super low for a law school. Their largest class is only 60 people.
Do I want to be in that situation again??? Do I want everyone to know every part of my business??? That happened to me before... my "perfect, small school" turned out to be the clique from hell.... if I said something rude to x person...y person and r person wanted to know why. If someone saw me do something...everyone knew... now it just wasnt me... but sometimes it sure felt that way. Is that how I want to spend my law school career? Will it be like that again???
Talking to some of the students was painful. It was like talking to a 12 year old. These are LAW students!!!! Shouldnt they have better sense than not to say " They dont speak American?"
I also kept asking about time...and how shocking the classes were... etc... no one gave me a frank answer... instead, catering to the MUCH younger people in the group...they told me how they can go out drinking a few nights a week. Uh... nope...not even close to my question. "How many people actually commute?" Answer- "Many people come from all over the country. I dont know exactly how many commute." Uhhh.... thanks. We did have a free dinner... and there are some things that I felt positive about.
Guess I just really feel gunshy right now. I feel so pressed for time. I just really wish that someone could magically make this decision for me! I need to fill out my financial aid out tomorrow... I just do NOT know...
I am also going to see if we can go to the other school I am considering... I sure hope I dont get a bad feeling There too! Then I will really be messed up!
Wish this school just came with a no-clique guarentee! Please...tell me at least 10 very liberal, wierdo's attend this school! I will sooo be there then! Please, be rude to me just for fun! I just want one person to tell me how back something sucks! Something has to be not perfect! That is what I want to see!!!!! I'm NOT looking for perfection.... I'm looking for a happy reality.

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