Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shoppin day

Whew.... I am tired. Not tired cuz of the kids today...but tired from the shopping spree I went on today.
We have a special event in our family this week. One that requires the buying of toys and such. Well... one of my least favorite things is shopping....and one of dh's least favorite things is shopping. So...guess who had to go??? Cuz if it were up to dh, well.... there would be no purchasing. On said day he would probably just treat the family to McDonalds or something. If he felt like going out that night.
Anyways... hit the stores hard this afternoon. It truly shows! I'm sure it will be worth it...but kinda shell schocked for a minute.

I would also like to brag a tad... I finally got the irs to accept our taxes!!!
Yes... taxes were done well over a week ago! They were denied FOUR times!!!!! Took a trip to Social Security and well over an hour on tt.com help... but darn it! I finally got the darn thing figured out!

Well... I have some wrapping to do!

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