Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday! There...I said it... Tuesday is F-A-T!
It is also Super Tuesday!!!! Tomorrow is Wonderful Wednesday! uh...ok...maybe not!

I had a lovely time today lying in an mri machine for an hour. What did people do for fun before??? I hope this one shows the doctor what is wrong.... my back pain has been going on for way to long. I need to have this settled once and for all.

I also did something new... I had two of my color ink cartriges refilled. Uh...wont do that again! I am so disappointed in the quality of the colors. It is Horrible. There is NO WAY they can tell me their ink is comparable... it is like night and day.... litteraly.... one looks nice and sharp...and one is dull and really blue... They will be getting their overpriced, wrongly colored ink back tomorrow morning.... no way am I paying that much $$$ for ink I cannot use. Not when I print pics for scrapbooking and such. I would NOT put those horrible looking pics anywhere...least of all in my kid's scrapbooks. I heard really good things about the ink from the place I had it done... I'm disappointed as I have my regular pics printed there and have been very happy with them... maybe they should use some of THAT ink!!! Then my pics would look good too...then again...maybe it would drive the store out of business! That's it.... print at home...look crappy... print at store, look great! Hmmm...I figured it out!!!! Wonder if they will pay me hush money now??? *grin*

Well it is 10:30 and I'm watching the primary results come in.... Uh...Huckabee?? Why??? I mean McCain in NOT the perfect canidate for the gop by any means...but Huckabee? I hope that it really wakes some people up that he carried the evangelical states. HELLO!!!!!!! Is that WHO you want running this country???? I dont want ANYONE who carries the evangelical vote to run anything!!!! Talk about civil liberties at risk.... thought the unPatriot Act was bad *puke* wait till you see Hucky's Act of Morality. *puke*
Well... Obama is still my choice! He even has North Dakota wrapped up... wow... *scarcasm*

I am just really amazed at how this presidential race is panning out. Never did I think the dem ticket was going to be between an African-American Male and a Caucasian Female. Who would have thought it??? Seriously!!!!! I guess that should really make a statement on how fed up people are with the way things are going. This couldnt have happend at any other time. 4 years ago, 12 years ago... (of course it wouldnt have happend during MR. Clintons time) I'm just thrilled to look and see some diversity! Not that I have anything against Caucasian males...but gee... lets get real. It's time to shake it up a bit!

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