Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm looking for a paper....

I'm sure I have been certified completely nuts.
Ok...not a good enough description....
I'm pretty sure my mailman thinks I'm nuts. I run (or slide) out to the mailbox everyday waiting for our elusive I-171h. It is NEVER there! I get all kinds of other things... stupid bills, checks, stuff I ordered... but no official government documents! UUUGGGGGG... so... made another round of phone calls today. Yes... it now is at the 2month mark from MY 2nd fingerprinting. Pretty soon we will have to update our paperwork again *smack*.
I'm also torn... I mean I really, really, really want us to get our bc issued! But... it's really NOT going to help at this point! But, I still want it, and I want it NOW! We are also almost to the 1 month post pgn mark.... and while I am absolutly, head-over-heels thrilled to be out of pgn... I'm also saddened that we are once again caught up in a mess in a civil registry. We waited 3 months for E's bc back in 05. He was out of pgn at 3 months old... back then it was maybe a week or so to pickup... instead he was almost 7 months old. Now... granted... he was still very much a baby...but that doesnt mean it didnt make me sad. Same situation here... honestly, I would be THRILLED just to be able to spend Lady L's 1st birthday with her....but it doesnt change the fact that I am sad now that the bc is taking a while. Trust me... I know better than to think things will work out perfectly and in the time I want them....doesnt diminish my dissappointment though.
I'm also having a difficult time figuring out this law school stuff. School A or School B???? State school or private school??? Expensive school, cheap school, or doesnt matter??? UUUGGGG... too much having to go through my tired brain these days!!!!
I did get my 50% off Turbo TAx in the mail today!!!!!
I get to do our taxes!!!!!!!!!!!
*doing the tax dance*
I actually LIKE doing our taxes! Might have something to do with our adoption credits...but... I actually dont mind doing them. Not to mention dh used to Make us go to an unmentioned tax place that way overcharges and has people in their employment that know less about taxes than me! (hint... the initials H & R... shhhhhhh) Seriously.... the woman doing our taxes was amanent there was NO adoption tax credit... then... there was one but, we didnt qualify... then there was one but our planets were not correctly alligned... then, we couldnt claim E... cuz he came home in Oct... but as long as we had given birth before midnight Jan 1 it would have counted... *scream*
so...yea... that will NOT happen again! Not to mention it is such a ripoff!!! Maybe not for dh as he doenst quite have the paticence nor the computer skills to follow a tax program...but damm... uh... read the paper, type in the numbers. hhmmmm.. yea... I should definatly pay someone else to do that for me!
Sooo... I'm off to do my taxes!!!!!!
Please send B-I-G refund thoughts our way!!!!!!

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