Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bad Phone Day

Today seemed to be a bad phone day for me.

I was woke up at 7ish this morning due to our house phone ringing. Uh... seriously????
No...I didnt answer it... but I did find out that Ernie was sleeping with me. Dh said I was awake when he put him in bed.... but uh...yea... must have missed that part!

I then spent a lot of time calling the National Visa Center to find out if they had our I-171h.
5 tries before lunch...kept getting hung up on. As if listening to a computerized answering system wasnt annoying, instead of keeping you on hold, you get hung up on by a computer!
I did get to practice my Spanish though...since they give long announcements in Spanish as well as English as even though I picked English... I think next time I'll try Spanish just to see how well I comprehended everything!
Went grocery shopping... came home, made the boys lunch...
Called 3 more times while I was making my lunch. Got hung up on 3 more times.
Had to send some emails and such (ie surf the forums and such) and tried calling a few more times.
I finally got through at around 4:30. Got a completely clueless operator...had to be transfered to her supervisor. I bet he regretted her getting him on the phone!
First he told me that it was MY responsibility to make sure the Detroit office forwarded the paperwork to them. Uh....WTF???? Oh...ok... I cannot call or go to this office in person... I can only email or snail mail... it took this office 5 months to issue the darn piece of paper... how the heck do I make sure they forward it on to someone else???????
I tell the guy this... he tells me, of course you can call them... but he wasnt able to give me the phone number. Of course you can make an appointment in person... but he wasnt able to give me an appointment. I then told him that my congressmen's office and both of my senator's offices were unable to get anything the heck does it get left up to little ole me?? Meaningless exchanges of more words...and I decide I have heard enough... I then give him a good ole lesson on the damm Patriot Act...and this is why I cant get anything done!!!! I think I got through to him too!!! Cuz he promptly hung up on me. *snicker* I'm good and worked up... I emailed the Detroit office.... and I was not all that polite. At least they cant hang up on me! It's not like they can really slow things down for me anymore either.... ya know... they arent exactly the speediest around.
Oh..and just so I know it is not me.... there are a couple of others in similar situations...and no one is able to help them either..... just plain SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh...the good ole days.... days like today were a great excuse to split a case of beer with someone and shoot some pool... but, now I'm a mom.... and being a mom I cant do those things without advanced planning.... so... to drown my sorrows, I had a shamrock shake from McD's.
We took our boys there and met their sister and their nephew and niece and our friends. We had a good time... we were there till we much have been having a good time...but things have changed!

Still keeping a positive vibe for a Mixco bc!!!!!!
I emailed our attorney today...didnt hear anything.
Hopefully he was too busy picking up our bc and getting our passport done and just didnt have time to get back with me.
At least I can still dream!

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Kerri said...

Ugh!!! That sucks! Hope you can find someone who knows something soon.
Kerri and Ruby