Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Blahs

I have a bad case of the Monday Blahs. I really shouldnt... I had a pretty good weekend. However, I had a bad and restless night of sleep last night.... woke up late this morning...and was late to the dentist this morning to get my crown on. Yes...I was crowned this morning! I am the Queen! *grin*

Had BIG News on Saturday...

I got accepted into LAW SCHOOL!!! it is my 2nd acceptance....but the 1st one was from a "sure thing" kind of school. (not that there is anything wrong with that)
This one was from a really GOOD school!!!!!!!!! I am still waiting for one more letter (or I guess no letter also tells me something) but.... I will NOT be dissappointed if I end up at THIS school!!!
I was actually thinking of sending in my deposit to the previous school.... since I didnt think that I would get into either of my two "dream" schools. So glad I didnt send the check!!!!
Now though, I need to get my taxes done! I need to file for financial aid and hope that I can get some $$$$ from the school via scholarships!!!

Now.... we need to get our little lady home! Like Yesterday!!!! I cannot be transistioning a child and trying to make it through my first year!!!! Ok...I will...but I dont want to HAVE to!!!!
Emailed our attorney this I'm hoping to hear from him tomorrow. Just gotta keep hoping and praying!!!!

I also did some heavy scrapbooking retail therapy tonight! I am ok'd for a 12 hour (yes... 12 whole hours) scrap on Saturday!!!!! I cant wait! I have been running my printer dry over the weekend trying to have enough pics to get at least my three boys' books caught up to Christmas 07! Geez... I havnt even STARTED Little attitudes book! He has been home since JUNE! It took us 17 months in process with him...but it was too painful to start his book till he was home... so it sat...and has continued to sit... hopefully after Saturday... it will sit full!!!!!!!!!!!
I actually wouldnt mind using the summer to do their lifebooks....and begin to read my law text books.... scary.... 4 toddlers in the house and getting ready for law school.... it's official.... I've lost my mind!


Ruth said...

Wonderful news! Congratulations. You will definitely be a busy girl but you will do well. Law school is nothing compared to 4 kids!!

Ruth Cusack

(By the way, I'm in Grand Rapids MI right now. I interviewed with Meijer yesterday and am flying out tonight.)

Kerri said...

Kerri and Ruby