Monday, January 7, 2008


Well I had a better day! Not great...but hey... better is good!

I did call PGN today again... only my 2nd time calling! I'm doing pretty good not stalking!
Anyways... we are still with the 2nd reviewer. So, no movement for the past month. It's good cuz we haven't been ko'd...but I was really hoping to hear we were waiting for a signature. My attorney returns to work tomorrow so hopefully I will get some updated pics! I want to see how big she is getting...but I guess in the same regard... I dont want to see it! I was not this indecisive before these adoptions...but damm...every time ya gets pics is just a huge billboard to ya that your kid isnt home! I know she is being well taken care of... no question there...but it is my selfishness that wants her home with me and her brothers.

Maybe... I can talk my dh into another visit.... hmmm...gotta find a good guilt trip.... one of my friends has said she wants to go with me... that would be sooo much fun! I know we would have a great time....hmmm... gotta get this one figured out! After all... we visited our sons a lot... why wouldnt we visit our little girl too...hmmm... maybe I have an angle there!

I will say that the situation in Guatemala does have me worried... I know how long bureaucracies take to get things going...and especially those that the govt really doesnt care about... but I do hope that since this involves children, that they are able to get moving on the central authority so that the current cases can continue and new cases can start! if they dont do it for the kids... do it for the $$$$$$$ flowing into the country.... heck... I dont care about the reasoning long as the right things are done. I do care about ethics... but the law was not really passed for that reason ($$$$$$$$ was the reason... Thanks unicef!)

My friend told me today that she is pregnant....all I asked is that MY daughter gets home before she has her baby.... sure its laughable...but I really meant it! Having a new attorney, as long as the govt gets their stuff together... I guess it is possible... she isnt due till Sept.... then again.... uh...I should know better!

Oh...just so ya know... I live in MI..... it is the month of January.... it was 60 degrees here today... and we are under a flipping tornado watch right now!

Global Warming! Gotta Believe IT!!!!

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Kerri said...

Glad today was a better day. My fingers are crossed that I get to read great news from PGN here very soon.
Kerri and Ruby