Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Week...

It has been a week.
No news. No returned email. No pics.

People are getting out from dates around ours now! Even a few that went in after us.... I'm calling either Monday or Tuesday! (probably little F has to get shots on Monday morning.) I just wanna know something! We are trying to decide what we are doing for shows and if we can take a cruise or not... so it would be nice to at least know what is going on.

Other than that...
Got a nice surprise in the mail this week! F's Godparents sent him a package with Embroidered hats for each boy and a book (en espanol) for each boy! Also...a very nice letter! It brought tears to my eyes! I thanked them by sending them an email with a pics of the boys with their hats on! We have GOT to get F's passport and get him down there! They just have been soo good to him!

Other news.... our primary came and went.... voted uncommitted.... not that I am uncommitted...just that my candidate couldnt be written in nor was he on the ballot... surprise surprise, the one (still in the race) dem walked away with over 50% of the I'm astounded.
It didnt help that we had a snowstorm that day...and that with all this controversy people thought this primary was a joke...

I have spent 3 nights this week working on scrapbooks.... it has kinda hit me in the face that if I dont get these done before fall...then I am NOT going to have time to work on them for the next 3 years... so... I really need to get going on them!!!!! I havent even gotten to E's 1st b-day yet (he is 3 in March), I am finally up to K's homecoming (only been home 1 1/2 years), and I havnt even started on F's or of course our little lady's. So... in the past two days I have knocked out like 12 pages of K's! It would be so much easier if I had some more stickers and such to use for fill! Of course, I use the sixxix a lot and that takes time also. I did find out a friend of mine has a cricut...which she said I could I'm so excited bout that!!!!!! Of course... I did drop the hint to dh that it would make a FAB b-day present also! *grin*

I am currently reading a new book. "Lies Across America" It is highly recommended! The previous book was "Lies My Teacher Told Me" and I cannot say enough good things about it! Even for someone like me, who knows that quite a bit of "American" history is fabricated and lied about... I have learned a lot from these books! I really enjoy them! I have been totally using the libary the past few months! I am loving the reading time I am getting! Thought I might want to read things that are enjoyable now...while I still can! Reading briefs and course books can turn into tedious and horribly boring work. So, hopefully this will help! Knowing I spent 6 months reading enjoyable books! It is wierd though how many books I would love to read that my library doesnt have... so I have been filing out the "wanted" cards... I have gotten them to buy one book so far... and I absolutly loved it! I'm very happy that I did...and now that I know they read the cards and follow through with them... ahh.... amazon you are my friend!

Tomorrow evening...Dateline on NBC is showing "To Catch A Baby Broker"
Yep... Guatemalan Adoptions... I'll be flipping between sensationalism and racism and a wonderful football game. Hopefully I will have comments on here on what I thought of the show and the game!

We are going to church tomorrow... going to see my cousin...going to lunch... and then... well...

It's GAMETIME!!!!!!!!

Go Pack Go!!!

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