Monday, December 17, 2007

Done with Cards!

Well... I typed and I typed... and ... I finished our cards last night!!! (except for the couple that I forgot cuz they arent on my friend/family list)
So, I hoping to have them in the mail tomorrow!!!! Well...not our cards to Guatemala...or Mexico... but... uh.... I'll just blame the post office or something!!

I got the nerve up today to call PGN and inquire about our case! I'm glad I did! I got right through and found out we are with the 2nd reviewer. So... we have not been ko'd yet...but we are not signed out yet either.
In one way, I wish I could have been more practical in being pro-active with our last two cases...but I"m not sure it would have helped. This time, I'm just so damm scared that I'm trying to keep my head up...but its hard. So, the fact I got right through...the fact our entrace date was right!!!!, the fact that we are with the 2nd reviewer, it makes me accept our fate easier. At least for the time being! I will try to call again...but, I'm not sure if I should even bother till the beginning of the year or so. Dh and I have talked about taking another visit. Maybe in Feb/March...athough we have two birthdays at that time... but it would be great to have their birthdays there! Still gotta get little mans passport! Shoot.... I just need to win the lottery!
We have almost dug ourselves out from the snow! Actually dh HAD us dug out...then the nice county plow guy pushed a whole lot of it back into our damm driveway! So, dh had to dig us out again this morning before we could go anywhere. Snow plows... love them, hate them. Now... snowmobiles... love them, love them!

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Candy said...

GLAD you got good new and were brave and called PGN....I will be there in JAN...I hope to see you there sometime this year