Saturday, December 8, 2007

Praying for a Christmas Miracle!

We are finally IN pgn with Lady L's adoption case! Whew.... that is both good news and bad news. Our adoption cannot complete without pgn approval...yet pgn is known as being the big, black, hole...where files go in... and come out months and months later.
We should know.... K's file was in the hole for 6 months... F's was in there for 9 months... I remember the pain like it was yesterday.... I remember the numbness... the fear... the unknown... I couldnt stand to think about how much they were growing while our file was sitting there...and then new papers would have to be done...and then it would go back in.... and sit... and over and over. It was horrible!
However, that was then. That was with our old attorney/facilitator... we have a different attorney this time around.... we werent even IN pgn at 4 months with K or F... so... I guess I should feel different this time around... but with the Ortega law and the Hague just around the corner... I just feel sad. Sad for the little Lady...sad for us.... sad for her brothers...sad for her mom.... and of course, I feel horrible for the children who are going to be left behind if these laws do effectivly stop adoptions.

This year will be F man's first Christmas with us! We are very excited as K and E are kinda getting into the spirit of things this year. I keep praying that Lady L will have Christmas with us next year. I would also LOVE to celebrate her 1st birthday with her!!! I know it is not so much for her....but for ME!
Anyways.... I know this will be a special Christmas! I am almost done with my shopping... just need to order a couple of things and they are coming from it shouldnt be that bad! I have battled the stores already this year... I'm done with all that! I just really need my dad's present...and I'm done...then I get to wrap everything!!! I am working on quilts for the boys... I may get one or two done...but I doubt I will get all of them done.... Maybe if I can get a couple of evenings free from the toddlers I could get them all done...but at the rate I'm going....nope! I have a very good start on one though.... so maybe if I just get motivated enough... it can happen!

I hope the boys like their things this year.... I have sold some of their things from last year already.... they looked sooo fun on tv... but the boys didnt really get into them.... hope the same thing doesnt happen this year. Unfortunatly for them...but fortunaly for us... they are getting quite a bit of clothes this year!!!! Especially pj's! They really need them! I think we have a couple more years of passing pj's off as gifts!

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Candy said...

CONGRATS on getting IN...girl We are stil waiting on PA....AHHHH I need to be in before stay SANE...HUGS