Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our Christmas Pics!

I finally got our pictures!!!!!

I am so happy how they turned out! However, I'm very disappointed that I couldn't afford to buy more pictures. So, I guess I will have to make up for it by taking a whole lotta pics with MY camera...hmmm... maybe I should ask for a new camera for Christmas!!! Yea!!!! I'm sure that would be a great plan...

Anyways... I am very happy with our photographer!
She does participate in the Celebrate Adoption Sessions and that is how we found her!
She is a ways away from our house...but I'm so glad that the distance didn't deter us!

I cant wait till Lady L gets home!!! Not only because I want her home...but also so that we can get some more awesome pics!!!!

As for other events....
We had a HUGE snowstorm!!!!!!!! I got the boys out in the snow today!!!!!! Gotta dump the pics...they are cute! E and K had a bunch of fun...but this is F's first cold weather winter (under 50 degrees) I am not sure if he knows what to think or not. He likes it and then a few seconds later he doesn't like it. E likes it as long as the snow doesn't touch his skin. K likes it till he has to move. He must feel like he cant walk in the snow yet. He did fall a few times and he had a fit! Although I did get down in the snow with them and roll around to show them it doesn't hurt ya or anything! I even got them to get into a little snowball fight with me! Unfortunately the snow is not good for packing yet....soon as it is, I am off to build a snowman!!!! E kept asking for one...and I tried to explain it to him...but yea... he didn't get it! I don't either some I cant blame him!

My mom and dad are here right my mom helped me with some wrapping gifts and such! I only have one more bag to wrap...and I need to buy a few small things for our little man. I found out that HE doesn't have a single gift that is his alone that isn't clothes... I feel bad cuz he is just a year younger than his bro's that he is too small for their toys... so, I need to find a couple of things that are for just him. I am NOT looking forward to shopping....but I will do it!

I have been absolutely stalking adoption websites for the past week or so... not that I am not a regular...but I have been checking like multiple times a day....
That is ONE thing I hate... I hate the panic! Especially this time around with the law changing in Guatemala and such. There is even more of an urgency this time around. I just feel like our file HAS to be out of pgn by Jan. 1st...or ELSE! Not that this is reality or anything...but it is MY reality for right now... so, anxiously looking for outs that are around our submit dates! I also might try my hand at calling.... I'll see in the morning how I feel about it. It's like those that fear doctors cuz the dr might find something wrong.... I'm afraid to call and have my hopes dashed due to a previo. But...then again, I could find out good news too! Oh what to do???

Well... I need to finish stuffing Christmas Cards!!!! They HAVE to be in the mail soon... unless I consider them New Years cards... then I guess I would gain a week to procrastinate!

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