Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I had a moment during the horror of my torts exam last night that really made me laugh.
I was heading back to my desk to pack up since I had turned my exam in. The exam completely made me panic. It was tough. But, as I walked back to my seat I really had to chuckle.... if THAT was going to be the most difficult thing that I do in life... well then... I must be very privileged!
Of course, that is NOT by any means the most difficult thing in life I have had to face... in fact, I am Privileged that I even GET to have the stress of a law school exam! Thousands of people apply to my school to fulfil their dreams or goals of becoming a Lawyer. I was one of the few that actually got in! Not only did I get in... but I made it through my 1st year...and am half-way through my 2nd year! After I have the privilege of attending classes... then I get to go home to my wonderful family! I have four beautiful children and a husband who is willing to deal with a wife who is in law school. Such a HUGE and wonderful blessing to have the family that I have! I also have the full support of my parents who of course, have been supporting my academic endeavors since I began pre-school! They spent 3 days with us to help out since our schedules were so messed up this week!
Just reflecting on everything while I sit here and wait for my outline and notes to print for my exam tomorrow. My last exam of this semester.... and then... I will be 1/2 way to being DONE with law school! Of course, I have a long way to go to becoming an attorney... as a JD does not an attorney make... but still... I'm on the right track...and with all the wonderful people in my life I will fulfill my goal, grab that JD, Ace the bar, and then get a great job! ( a girl can dream right???)
Cant wait for my kids, my husband, and my parents to see me graduate. They should get something also... since without them, this may not have been possible.


Jen Hodder said...

Thank you so much for your comment!! Your family is beautiful!! I am looking forward to looking through your blob. Thank you for following and happy holidays!!

Gardenia said...

Yes, you are half way there. It's important to have goals in life that make us reach and stretch to touch them.