Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Having fun...

The two older boys had pre-school today!
Of course, they didnt want to go at all.... they wanted to stay home and watch SpongeBob all day long now that they have four dvd's of SpongeBob!
But, E and K needed to get out of the house and go play... so off they went!

The Little Lady, F, and our GrandKids ended up having a play date with a friend and her son.
Little J is the same age as F...and is little like F... so... they get along really well!
It was also the first time that J actually got up in the play structure...so it was nice for his mom also!
After all that playing, I thought my kids would want a nap... ok...well I wanted a nap... so we came home and I napped... (I think the little ones did too...)
I woke up, we had some bbq wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, and I made two batches of Banana Nut Bread... I have enough banana's to make two more batches... guess what neighbors and friends are getting for Christmas??? *laughs*
I'll even put a nice ribbon on it!

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow...but we may either paint our ornaments (we dont have a tree up yet....not sure if we will or not now...)
or, we will make cookies since I have my mixer already out.
I have a kitchen aid mixer... and I LOVE it!
When it comes out I find all kinds of excuses to use it!
I am also going to try my hand at homemade bread... I saw it on Chefs Academy... and I just happen to have some fresh mozzarella and some pesto layin around.... yummm.... I hope it turns out well... I can bake everything else... dont see why I wouldnt be able to make a freestyle bread.
I do know if we make cookies, I will do it one on one with the kids... I already have 10 different colors and types of sugars and sprinkles for them to decorate their cookies!
I'm sure they will have fun... I will absolutely get pictures...before I lose my mind of course! *laughs*
I was also productive last night!
I made the foster/God parents their calendars!!!
Tonight they went on sale and I got 20% off each calendar!!!!
Yes, they will get them after Christmas...but at least they will get them!
and that... is what matters!

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