Friday, December 4, 2009

Fav Foto Friday (12.4.09)

Happy Friday!!!!

Today's Theme is Holiday Traditions!!!!
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Our Thanksgiving traditions have changed over the years...
When I was a child, we spent our Thanksgiving Day at the Pontiac Silverdome watching the Lions lose....
When I got older, my dad and I spent our Thanksgiving weekends in the woods deer hunting.
Now that the kids have entered our lives... our Thanksgiving traditions have changed again!

Now... we head north to my parents house and hang out up there!
My mom and I make a HUGE dinner...sometimes their friends come over... but this year it was just us.
We still watch the Lions lose... but I'm a PackerBacker so I dont mind!!!!! *laughs*

This is one of the traditions I've been doing since Ernie joined us...
Taking a pj pic on Grandpa's bed!

Here is everyone enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner!!!

What's a great meal if it isnt a little bit messy????

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!


Kim & Dave said...

What a great time it looks like you all had! Love the last picture-you are right-the messier they end up, the more they liked the meal!

vaneblu said...

Lovely :) A messy meal makes the cutest picture!

Melinda said...

Messy meals are usually just a little tastier :-) Cute pictures!

Carrie said...

I love PJ pictures at the holidays!!! Too cute! ;)

Hannah said...

Love the PJ picture. That is so cute!

Messy dinners are sometimes the best dinners :)

Rhonda said...

yummmmmy, looks like an awesome time. Very cute. What a tremendous time to give thanks and blessings.