Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

Well... I'm happy to report I am alive and feeling a lot better!

My doctor was switching around some of my medications and I seemed to have quite the allergic reaction to the new one.
I was an itching fool!!!
Took another dose, my throat began to itch, my mouth went dry, and my tongue began to, off to the ER I went!
Didnt have to have epi... so that is good!
The meds they did give me so made me sleep all morning and thankfully my dh allowed me to do said sleeping!

Yesterday before I was "woman on an itch", I helped the kids make salt-dough ornaments!
I made up the dough and then called them all out into the kitchen to cut out the ornaments. time... will only call them one by one!
But, dh helped, and we made it through!
The kids made some cute ornaments and they seemed to have fun!
We havnt painted them yet... my itchies got in the way... but hope to maybe paint them tomorrow...and then dh and I need to get off our duffs and get our tree up!
See... we are trying an experiment...
Will the kids still knock ornaments off if they are their own????

We had a good day today after I woke up!
Had a late lunch with some friends at McD's.... the kids liked it!
But, they got to play... adults got to talk...
and then we went grocery shopping.

Tried a lunchmeat, cheese, veggie and cracker dinner tonight...
Didnt go off very well.
Kids love it for lunch...but apparently they are spoiled...they expect a hot meal for dinner... oh and dessert. *laughs*

F cutting out his ornaments!

K having a good time!

The Little Lady enjoyed herself also!

I think Diego enjoyed dinner more than the kids did....

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Gardenia said...

adorable photos. love that little lady look.