Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wasting Ink Wednesday

Tomorrow is my first of four exams.... so I spent the better part of the day tweaking and printing notes, outlines, and slides...all in hope of the illustrious "C"!

Dh and I managed to break away and go to a meeting of a new group called "Ann Arbor Friends of Guatemala"... they have a blog:

There were a about 10-12 people there and the gentleman from the school in Xela gave a very nice presentation of the school he works with.
The School is called the Asturias Academy. When they get their website fixed, it resides at

While we were at the meeting...the kids were at their big sis' house....
I got this pic while on our way home!
E had a makeover and was dressed as a ballerina!!!
Cant accuse MY kids of not having fun! *laughs*

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Gardenia said...

wasted ink? girl you gotta snap out of it! but I remember all too well those exams, so hang in there. and, nothin' wrong with a C. the next year gets much easier. hang in there.