Monday, December 21, 2009

Busy monday...

Today was a pretty busy day for us...
Dh cleaned up the living room while I attempted to finish my Christmas Cards...
Of course, on the way to the post office I opened up a card from someone I forgot to send a card to, so, I guess I'm not as done as I thought I was!
I also shipped a box to my Grandma... only waited 20 mins to use the machine... the line to talk to a real post office worker was wrapped around I chose the machine although I usually will not. I dont believe replacing people with machines... I find it ironic while at the store and the people are practically begging you to use the self-check outs... they are practically begging their own jobs away... I point this out to them at every opportunity...yet it doesnt seem to sink in.

We also had to do a little shopping today...
what a flippin JOKE!
Just needed to buy a couple of cards....
The cards were all picked through soo bad...
Got the ones we needed...but had to deal with the insanely rude people to do so.
I'm so glad I did the kids' shopping online... we have hugely cut back this Christmas (not like last year was extravagant or anything...) but we really are trying to do the Christmas of Four.
1. Something you Want
2. Something you need.
3. Something to wear.
4. Something to read.

Now... we have two of the #1's this year... only because the thing the older boys wanted... needed something to go with it... everything else though was super easy... and each kid is getting a movie.
Of course, with keeping with tradition...not a single thing is wrapped... and I will be up until Christmas morning actually wrapping everything.... but it's all here!

We also had a nice dinner out with one of my friends from Law School.
She is a bit younger... only child (like me!!!!)... no experience with kids (like me 5 years ago!!!) but she has kinda hung out at our house with the kids... well tonight she got to see them with NO dinner.... I didnt think they were all that bad really.... of course... I'm used to a lot of things that might have made me cringe a few years ago... I think we kinda freaked her out a bit!
I think maybe we should invite high school students to sit in with us once in a while... that might be a great reality check when it comes to the use of birth control! *laughs*
Of course I love my family...and those that have multiple kids know that you have to learn to let some things go...or it would drive you absolutely nuts!
We had a great dinner regardless...and I hope she still talks to me! *laughs*
Tomorrow I have more cards to finish... and I really need to finish some Christmas gifts... the fostermoms are gonna be impressed that they get their things before Easter this year!!!
Ok...well I'm planning on them getting their things before Easter this year!
It is just hugely difficult to get everything done in such a short amount of time between the end of finals and the actual holidays.

E claims to love lemons...
Least that is why he told me he always steals them from my tea!