Monday, November 9, 2009

Great Monday!

Well... with the way November has begun for us... we were sure due a break!
Today I believe we got that break!
First off... we are having some very strange weather... It is November... we are supposed to have some snow already... instead... it's been close to 70 degrees... which means that we have been able to play outside the past couple of days without all our winter gear on!
Woke up today after everyone had a good night of sleep! Then we headed to my friends house in our neighborhood so the kids could play and I could catch up....
S and I went to middle school together... were friends all through high school.... went to Europe by ourselves our senior year... hated each other after that... reconnected during college... kept connected...then somehow lost track for bout 6 years... then, driving out of our neighborhood one day... BAM! There is her and her husband outside their house just down the street from us!!!! (Her husband and I grew up together... his grandma lived next door to us... we were a month apart and were inseparable until high school.
She has a home daycare... so her basement is toy central! The kids also get to play with other kids... so no problem there! We play there for a couple of hours... then go home and dad has Burger King waiting for us!!! Everyone also got Sandy the Squirrel toys!!!! (BK has cute SpongeBob toys right now)
Put the kids down for a nap.... and.... they actually napped!!!!
I got quite a bit of reading done and a couple of loads of laundry done!!!!!
Kids woke up and really wanted to go play... so.... I leashed up Diego the pup and off to the neighborhood park we went!
So... big news of the day... E and K can both go across the monkey bars!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously! I really didnt expect them to be able to do this till much later...but off they went today!!! It was awesome!!!!! and those bars are high!!
E and K also like to use the rings and flip themselves over!!!! They can both do forward and backward flips!!!! They also land on their feet! I'm soo happy!!!! I've got to see if I can get them in a gymnastics class or something! E can do handstands and cartwheels also!!!! and K can do a standing somersault!
F and L also had fun at the park! F was learning how to navigate the jungle gym with only one arm...and L actually climbed up and went down the slide numerous times by herself!!!!
We happened to spot S's kids outside while at the we went back to her house where the kids proceeded to play in a huge pile of leaves till it was quickly becoming dark!
Went home, had dinner, played for a little while...and now... everyone else is sound asleep!
Hoping tomorrow is just as good!
I seriously live for days like today!


Gardenia said...

sounds like a great day!

Leslie said...

soundds like a busy fun day!! I love them at this age!! My teens will sit with me sometimes and talk for about 2 minutes tops!

Kerri said...