Wednesday, October 7, 2009

E's 4th Family Day!!!!

Happy 4th Family Day E!!!!!

4 years ago at this time we were getting ready to land at our hometown airport with our new son E!!!
I was scared... happy, excited, but scared! E is my first child... and he was only 6 months old. I had no idea how to take care of a baby! Yes, we had spent some time with him when he was 3 months old... it was about a week and in a hotel... Dh was there to help me... and all we had to do was concentrate on him... going home... I knew we would have other things to do... How do you take care of a baby and still get things done??? I would soon find out!
E made the transition pretty well... the first night in the hotel was rough... and the first couple of days he was kinda sad...but after that, he seemed to be ok... even when we got home, he seemed fine... he just seemed in awe of everything that was new. Of course... he had to get to know us...and we had to get to know him... He slept the entire night his first night... I didnt... I just couldnt believe my SON was sleeping in my room!!!!! We woke up to a smiling baby boy the next morning....and just had to get him out and about to show him off! A few days after he arrived home, he even got to attend his shower! It was great to show him off to some of my friends and some friends of my parents and he was happy all day long!
E was by himself for an entire year before K came home... he would go back to Guatemala 4 times in that year... and all 4 times he stayed with his foster family... even two weeks ago he stayed with them... we are so blessed that he had an awesome foster family and that we have constant contact with them!
We were blessed to have E join us at such a young age! We got to spend his first Christmas with him... got to see his first tooth come in... see him walk for the first time... celebrate his first birthday... so many actual "firsts". It really made me aware of what we were missing out with our other two boys who came home at 14 and 18 months old...
E has always been outgoing and friendly... he is soo loving with his dad and I... and he is very protective of his younger siblings.... We have been through 2 sets of stitches and a set of staples... he seems fearless at times... he loves to climb... he loves to try new things.... there isnt much he is afraid of....
This past year he began pre-school! Two days ago he actually wrote his name on the driveway!!!! I am such a proud momma!!! My little guy is growing up and I'm loving every moment of it! I cant believe how blessed we have been with our kids... just to watch them grow from tiny babies into these actual little people... it's an awesome experience!
Well... I dug out some pics! I had a difficult time choosing pics... have soooo many of him as a baby... *laughs* I must have never put the darn camera down!
We just absolutely adore you E!!!!!!! The past 4 years have been wonderful! We love you!

E with W (foster mom/ Godmother)

E watching his First MNF Packers game!!!!!
(in Guatemala!!!)

E's first night in our home!!!!

E's First Christmas!!!

E's First Birthday Pic!

Baptism Day!!!

E's 18 month pics!
(this is one of my fav cheesy pics!!!!)

E's 2nd Christmas !

E's 3rd Birthday!

Enjoying the snow!!!!

4th of July 2007!

Christmas 07!

Picture of E and "his" pretty girl!!!

4 year pics!!!

Loving the water this summer!!!!
He can now swim underwater also!
Hamming it up in Guatemala!

Enjoying his pudding before the Packers game on Monday!


Lund7 said...

Congrats on 4 years with your son! What a handsome boy he is!!!

Gardenia said...

what a joy he is I am sure. he looks so very happy. how tickled you must be to see him be protective of his younger siblings. God blesses us in many ways!

Kerri said...

Happy 4th Family Day!!! Hope you have a great time celebrating!

Rhonda said...

Happy 4th family day. Where oh where does the time go by. He is truly a handsome young man. Hope he had a great time celebrating.