Friday, March 13, 2009

Fav Foto Friday! (3.13.09)

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!!

Today's Fav Foto's are

Then and Now
For more favorite pictures click here!
E the week he came home! (10.05)

E last week striking a pose. (3.09)

E & K having a brotherly moment (12.05)

E and K having a brotherly moment (3.09)

K on his pickup trip in 10.06

K still smiling... 3.09

F at GAFE (Guatemalan Adoptive Family Event) a couple months after he joined us. (8.07)

F at a Bday party! (1.09)

The Little Lady at Chuck E Cheese in Guatemala City (5.08)

The Little Lady at Chuck E Cheese near home (2.09)


Leslie said...

CUTE then and now!


vaneblu said...

how beautiful!!
great pics :)

Rhonda said...

They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Loved seeing the picures. Can't believe how time is flying by. Have a great weekend.

Melinda said...

Loved seeing all your then & now pics! That last one is too cute!!


Kerri said...

Adorable all the time!!!

Valerie said...

What cuties! Isn't is amazing how much they change?

nora said...

Love that last one of L's smile!