Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's been a long day....

Our day began at 4:30 this morning with a screaming little guy who did NOT want to wake up...and who did NOT want to take his ankle bracelets off his foot. We managed to get him in some clean pj's though and into the car without waking anyone else up!

We got to the surgery clinic, got checked in, and he was taken back into a little prep room... He was nervous at first...but was soon warming up to the nurses. She had SpongeBob stickers... so automatically, she was a friend! :)

I'm so glad I called the anesthesiologist last week! She actually met us in the room about 5 mins after arriving... they had brought over a special Dr. for us that would make sure that K was ok. (K has had two surgeries with us... hitting, kicking, biting, ripping out iv's, and screaming is usually how he wakes up) this time though, the Dr. told us that he would come out calmly and that we would be able to immediately be with him. Little K then got a nice little dose of Versed! Versed is a beautiful thing! The doctor came in, the nurses came in, and off he went.

It was about 45 mins and the Dr. came out to tell us that the surgery went well and that we could see K in about 45 more mins..... true to his word, we were called into recovery about 45 mins later.
I have NEVER been in such a NICE recovery room!!!! We had our own nurse...K was calm... he had cried a little...but nothing like I expected. Anyways... our nurse was great! We also had very individual attention from the surgeon and the anesthesiologist! Both doctors came back and checked on us 3 times! I really have never heard of that happening. It really was a fabulous experience.
As for K... he woke up gently (like I was told he would)... the minute he fussed, the nurse was right there with some pain meds... shortly after the pain meds, K drank TWO glasses of water, a glass of apple juice, AND a popsicle! He also got to watch a SpongeBob movie while in recovery! Because he was doing so well, they allowed us to bring him home a little early.

He slept in the car the entire way home.....and didnt sleep again till bout 3pm... he has been on the go all day! I have had to fight him to keep him in bed... at one time this evening I had half of our rescue hero's in my bed! Right now, I'm trying to convince him to sleep.... I had to beg and bribe him to take a nap... it's crazy! Never did I expect him to be doing this well... he has been drinking everything we have been giving him.... he has eaten cottage cheese, ramen noodles, some gummy bears, and a popsicle!
I remember having my tonsils out last summer.... it took me a week to work up to baby food... and I was in bed completely knocked out and in miserable pain for 2 weeks!!!! Kids are truly amazing!

So... all is all... I'm thrilled we had his surgery at the clinic as opposed to the big hospital... and I'm sooo happy and grateful to the Anesthesiologist for helping him remain calm...and to the Surgeon for taking his nasty tonsils out. I'm sure he is gonna feel sooo much better from here on out!

Thanks so much for the positive thoughts and prayers! They are greatly appreciated!


Kerri said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad it was such a great experience (for surgery) and that he's doing so well!

Leslie said...

AMEN kids do rock!!!!

Rhonda said...

So happy to hear everything went so well and glad you got such great individual attention.

KiT said...

So glad it went well and you had a good experience. Good luck on the resting up and healing part. We are struggling with that over here as well!

mom2joelito said...

I'm so glad things went well, and that all of the surgeries are behind you now!