Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another one down....

So, I see E running away from the bench.... I looked away... Then looked back over... Saw E take two steps and B-A-M! E ran full speed into a steel dome climber with his face. I saw his head bounce back, he took one step back and the flood of blood began along with the screaming.
My friend had just gotten done telling me how much she like this playground... It was fenced... The play equipment was age appropriate... So she didn't worry much bout the kids getting hurt. OOPS!
Of course.... NOT in any way P's fault! Just kinda ironic and funny in a way.
So.... I scooped E up and had to haul him back to dh (who was at P's house replacing a garbage disposal) so that we could head to the ER.
Went to a hospital I'd never been to before. It was very nice and the people there were very kind to us and E. They took us right away of course.
All of his teeth were miraculously intact... But he had to have quite a few stitches on both his bottom lip (in two places) and in his top lip (only one place). Got x-rays... And no broken nose... So that was great news.
In and out in about 2 1/2 hours.
After K got the sink together and we had dinner... It was 1 am by the time we got home. E slept very fitfully and miserably.
Got up this morning and we all headed out to get something to eat and get his antibiotic. E wouldn't drink nor eat... Wanted nothing to do with the store.
Got home, he was burning up. Tried all day to get his fever down, but it just keeps crawling up... So... We are currently back in the ER. E is burning up...he's lethargic... And probably dehydrated. I'm also worried bout him getting infected.
It's not been a good couple of days.
Tomorrow... We have more fun on our plate as F is having a minor procedure done in the morning. In the same hospital that I am sitting in actually. So... I will have two in stitches tomorrow... And not from my jokes or antics.
Bring on the weekend!!!! Maybe raising the kids in a bubble doesn't sound like such a bad idea now....


Leslie said...

OK girl you have HAD THE WORST year with stiches ,hospitals,er etc etc!!!!!!!!

What doesnt kill us makes us stronger??? OH MY!


Rhonda said...

OMGOSH, I am so incredibly sorry and can soooo feel for you and now two in stitches, ouch...........
my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
blessings, rhonda

Valerie said...

Arghhhh! Hope he's ok. It seems like when it rains, it pours!

Kerri said...

Poor guy! It stinks to get hurt when you're just trying to have fun.

Glad the surgery went well. Hope everyone is back to full speed soon.

Laurie said...

My goodness! I hope your house gets back to normal soon! Bless your heart. Big hugs to all!