Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's gonna hurt!

Well... we made it home from our up-north excursion.... see if you live in MI like I do, Up-North IS actually a destination...not just a direction! *laughs*

Began my classes tonight also... they both seem to be challenging but should be a lot of good discussion.

If you are of the praying type... or just the encouraging type, would you please keep my son K in your thoughts tomorrow morning???
He is having his tonsils out.
He is also my son who is challenged with attachment issues...and I am worried about both the results of his surgery and what is going to happen to him emotionally. We are prepared for me to be with him when we wakes up (if the anesthesiologist goes along with the already decided plan) and my mom is with us to make up for my absence if K needs to be litteraly attached to me all day long.... but Thursday I have a very early appointment at the spine clinic... and I have class Thursday night... I'm worried about having to bring him to both.... but.... hopefully I'm preparing for the worst... and things will be better than I expect them.
Since I just had my own tonsils out last summer... I still remember the pain and agony... I've been told it should be easier for him.... and I'm holding out hope that it is a lot easier for him.
We are fully stocked with popsicles, kool-aid, apple juice, and if needed, dad or grandma can make a quick trip to McD's for a shake... since that is what I lived off of for a week!
I will try to update on here.... I know his Madrina is worried about him so I will be calling her....but I definatly can update on facebook.....
Otherwise.... just another day!


Leslie said...

praying for your sweet boy!!! Yeah tonsils out is way easier for them then for us!


Kerri said...

Will definitely be keeping K in my thoughts tomorrow. Hope all goes well. Glad you at least had a great weekend before the surgery.

Rhonda said...

definitely keeping K in our thoughts, heart and prayers. Please keep us posted.