Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So Much Fun!

I tell you what... I cannot believe how much fun my boys can be!

I mean I never really thought that I would have fun as the mom of three toddler boys but they are a laugh a minute!

E-man has developed the art of scarcasm (thanks to me!) and he can now make fun of me! K-man just laughs along...although I have seen him take some physical actions to get us to laugh. He will act like he wants to fall down or he will twirl around and point at ya. K-man is becoming more comforable also as he has begun to laugh more at his brothers and at us. He is the least ticklish of the boys...but hopfully that will come around!

Sometimes I look around at other parents and they look miserable. I'm sure I have had my days (who hasnt) but then again, I usually love being around the boys...especially in public! Long lines are more fun! Sitting and waiting is more fun! I have someone to talk to when I am grocery shopping now!!! I just get a kick out of them! I am so lucky and blessed!

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