Friday, August 17, 2007

Here is K-man and E-man on Daddy's Harley! They already have good taste!!!!

This has been a very busy but fun week!

Had LSAT class on Monday! Yea for Logic Reasoning!!!!!!

Tuesday I had a emg! Yea for back pain!

Wednesday..... Wednesday we attempted to go to the local county fair.

There were the 5 of us, Auntie Kate, and our friends Auntie P and Little D.

They wanted to charge each of us $12 to enter the see cows!!!!!!!

Ooooh that did NOT go over well with us!!!!!

Why should it cost that much you ask??? Well admission gets you unlimited rides for the day!!!

That is GREAT!!!!! I'm soo happy that you have lots of rides for the UNDER 2 Group!!!!

Are you Kidding me???? I can see if you want to ride...then buy a wrist band! That simple! But to charge everyone, to the youngest baby to the eldest elder...$12... no matter if you want to ride a ride or not....that is crazy and o so-not worth it!

Dh did I, but to 2 seperate people.... the wonderful and nice woman that I talked to told us if we only wanted to see the animals that we could go around the gate and just go in to do that is what we did!

After getting in for free, I still felt robbed. There were hardly no animals there at all.... sure there were quite a few bunnies and chickens...but only about 8 cows, a few sheep, some llamas, and that was that. There were some horses there...but they were clear across the fair, and it was raining...oh and I am scared to death of horses so, I was not interested in getting soaked to see them. There were hardly any thank goodness I didnt get a booth there...though I had thought about it!

So...we may go to the state fair....gotta work on the dh a little.... I think it would be fun...if anything it gets us out of the house for a while and gets the kids out. They do love their animals! Especially cows! They even moo at them! it's sooo cute!

Well...after the bust of a fair, we decided to do something more fun for the off to the Golden Arches we went! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would eat more big macs as a mom than I did as a college student! Although... I will say that the McD high of playing in the play area and getting orange drink, a cheeseburger, apples, and a toy does last for a couple of days!!! Maybe that would be a good option for investment!

We didnt have enough at McD's...or maybe we stayed there too long...but we also went for ice cream! Oh how I looove Ice Cream!!!! We had a good time there too as E-man had his spongebob popsicle and Little D had spiderman. The boys then spent a good hour or so running around in the yard and trying to climb the trees. They are sure going to have fun in the next few years all playing together! It is a LOT of fun to watch them all!!!! I'm so blessed to have three wonderful sons (and one soon to be daughter)!

Well...I need to find a Thomas the Train cake and such for K-man's 2nd Birthday!!!

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