Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It hit the fan...

Man oh man....when it does rain...it POURS!

It's been a week....I lost an entire week!

Tuesday (last Tuesday) I went to my LSAT class... kinda felt like blah...but I chalked it upto taking a nap and then getting woke up...had a Jimmy John's sub and soda for dinner... and then had to sit down and take a logical reasoning test.... about 10 min into the test I realized that my head was completely cloudy and that I am now freezing. Uhhhh...I know it is like 100 degrees in the room...I wasnt cold 5 min ago...or was I??? I finished my exam and then just stood up and rocked in place. I know I looked like some wierdo or something...but something was horribly wrong. It was my very BEST logical reasoning section I have ever done!!!!

I got in the car...told my hubby that I was sick and that I was going home and going to bed.
I did help him put the kids to bed...I spent 5 min looking at the tv and then went out.

Woke up freezing my butt off at 3am...couldnt swollow...throat was so swollen....head hurt like hell, both my ears were killing me, sinuses were completely blocked. It was horrible. I had to puposley swollow and it was sooo painful. I was sweating horribly...I stunk... I decided to take a shower. Probably not the best ideal I have ever had...but once I got control of my shivering it was better. I cannot believe how sick I was. 103 fever for 3 days. Hubby got me into the dr. I walked in and people started to move away from me. The people who I usualy talk to there took one look at me and felt bad. Saw my nurse friend and she couldnt believe how bad I looked. Took all my vitals then told me to lay down. Fell completely asleep on the little bed when my dr. walked in. She took one look at me and told me I must feel like hell.... thanks....
Well after 2 throat cultures...no strep. Took blood to test for mono...otherwise it is probably viral. Go home and sleep. Gee....I hadnt thought about that. Although it was kinda wierd that she kept apologizing to me. Went home, fell into bed...didnt wake up for another 6 hours.

Thursday I had to watch my two boys and the grandkids while hubby took K-man to his 2 year checkup. What a horrible 3 hours! OH my! All I want to do is to crawl back into bed....and I'm getting sassed by a damm 8 year old! Not my finest few hours. Hubby and K finally got home...and off to bed I went for the rest of the night. I left the house on Friday night....we took all the kids to McD's. I was soo beat after just a few minutes...but I hung in there and the kids had a good time. I did not sleep well that night at all.

On Saturday, my parents were here because they had their 50th class reunion! Congrats mom and dad!!!! We went to breakfast at Denny's (E's choice) and then had to go to the store for dipers and such. I was so out of it. It was really terrible how out of it I was. I slept the rest of the day. Then got up, had dinner, got in an argument with hubby, went back to bed. Felt almost fine on Sunday...at least I could swollow...THAT is a huge improvement!

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