Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Roller Skating!

Saturday we took our kids roller skating for the first time!!!
The kids werent able to stay on their feet at first...but by the time our 2 hour session was over, all 4 of our kids and BFF D were all skating like champs!
The kids really want to go again very soon and I hope we can take them!

The Little Lady's little size 7's!!!!
Sooo cute!!!!
Big sis E and Niece A trying to help little F

D looking dapper on skates!

K showing off some skating style!

E showing off his moves!

A getting ready to "Shoot the Duck"!

The Little Lady just sittin round...

The Little Lady looking cute on skates!

Dh skating with his two daughters...


Lund7 said...

Looks like some good old fashioned fun! I like the father-daughters picture best!

Mark and Shawna said...

It looks like everyone was having fun including Kenny. The kids are adorable...Wish we had a skating rink close by....Wyatt and Riley would love it. Thanks for sharing

Gardenia said...

It looks like the little lady needed help getting around the rink. how did the boys do? what fun.

Leslie said...

I love old school skating!! love it!!

Kids look like they loved it too!!!

I miss my youth! lol