Friday, May 21, 2010

Little Lady Day 08

May 8th was our Little Lady's 2nd Anniversary!
It is the day that she arrived on US soil and gained her US Citizenship!
It is also the first night that she spent in our house with the whole family.

It happened to be right in the middle of exam time...but we wanted to do something special anyways....
In the morning we went to breakfast....
We then went to the movies to see "Oceans".
I dont know what happened...but, Oceans did not capture the attention of our kids...
We ended up leaving.... but not before we had lots of popcorn and soda!

That night we were able to get together with the Little Lady's Godmother and her son D!
We went to an indoor playplace and everyone had a great time!

We are soo blessed to have the Little Lady in our lives!!!!

She loves her McDonald's crown!

Cant wait till the Shrek movie comes out!!!

Excited for the movie to begin!

Having a great time!!!

Taming the Zebra!


Little F double fisting the Lemonade!

E making a smooth pose on the slide!

D showing me some attitude!

F having fun in the treehouse!

The whole group!

Just the boys having some fun!

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Kerri said...

Wow!!! I can't believe it's already been 2 years. Seems like it was just yesterday that she came home. Looks like a great celebration!