Friday, September 10, 2010

Fav Foto Friday (9-10-10)

Happy Friday!!!

This has been a super busy week for us!

We had TWO boys begin Kindergarten!!!

It was also the beginning of F's 2nd year of Pre-school!

Ready for School!!!

Showing off those uniforms!!!

New Backpack!

Ready for K-5!
(so ready this was the only pick I could get of him)

Ready for another year of preschool!

She's almost ready for preschool...

Hope Everyone Has a GREAT Weekend!


mom2joelito said...

I love the orange and the khaki. Danny has to wear blue and white! Looks like they were excited to go!

Hannah said...

They are SO cute!! I love when kids wear uniforms...there is something just so cute about it :)

Mom~Mommy~Mama said...

They all look so excited!!!