Friday, June 17, 2011

Favorite Foto Friday! (6.17.2011)

Happy Friday!!!

Today's Favorite Foto Friday is about the last days of school!
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This is E and his K5 Teacher!!!
He "graduated" K5 last week and move-up day to 1st grade was yesterday!

K's last day of Young 5's!
Next Year = K5!

E's last day of K5!
Next Year = 1st Grade!

Happy Boys!

This is me.
On my graduation night.
I now have my Juris Doctorate!
This summer I am studying for the Bar Exam.
Next stop...finding a J-O-B.

Happy Weekend!


nora said...

You my dear, look fabulous in your robe! And kuddos to you to getting all those kids ushered off to the next year. Love the smiles.

veggiemom said...

Ditto what Nora said! I hope life settles down a little for you a little now because, selfishly, I always love when you show up on my google reader. :-)